Cancer Care Rehabilitation

Cancer and its treatment can cause debilitating side effects for patients that compromise their quality of life. Treatment can make even the simplest of tasks difficult and complex things that make lives meaningful challenging.

Fortunately, research has shown that physical therapy during and after cancer treatment can help speed functional recovery, boost immune response, reduce fatigue and the risk of complications in patients of all ages.

Physical therapists will work with your medical team to maximize your physical abilities and comfort to make your recovery the most effective. Comprehensive cancer institutes throughout the United States as well as the National Cancer Care Survivorship (NCCS) endorse exe rise for cancer patients.


Physical therapists will evaluate your unique concerns and problems to develop an individualized and safe exercise program to rebuild your strength, endurance and flexibility. Even a small amount of exercise can help with side effects such as fatigue, pain, and anxiety that improves your ability to live your life to the fullest.

Physical therapists at Sandhills Physical Therapy can provide treatment for the following:
o   Weakness from the cancer, treatment or just disuse
o   Limited flexibility or Range of Motion
o   Scar Management after surgery
o   Fatigue
o   Decreased Endurance
o   Muscular and Cardiovascular
o   Pain management that is adjunctive to your medical treatments
o   Impaired balance


Physical therapy treatment may include any or all of the following including?
o   Extensive education and resources regarding your unique problems and concerns
o   Postural restoration exercises for increasing the body’s symmetry, breathing and enhance your neurological systems’ functioning
o   Individualized strengthening, stretching and aerobic exercise program for home and in the clinic.
o   Manual therapy for joint and soft tissue restrictions
o   Visceral mobilization and myofascial release for scarring and optimizing organ function
o   Modalities as adjunctive for pain management and soft tissue limitations
o   Specialized balance treatment.
o   Pelvic floor rehabilitation for any cancers or treatments that affect the pelvic organs, abdomen or pelvis.


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