Pediatric Pelvic Floor Problems

Pediatric Pelvic Floor Problems:  Physical Therapy for your child’s most sensitive issues

Is your child avoiding sleepovers or playing on the playground because of problems that both of you thought would be over by now?

Pelvic Floor

Get Help

We know it’s not easy to talk about and it may seem hard to find help. Sandhills Physical Therapy can help you and your child with issues that are a result from:

Urinary or fecal Incontinence
Urgency and frequent voiding
Painful voiding

Putting you back in Control

Pelvic floor muscles can be trained to function correctly just like some children that need help learning to say the “S” sound correctly. The professionals at Sandhills Physical Therapy will create an individualized therapy plan in collaboration with you and your physician.  We will help you learn more about your child’s condition and create an action plan to address your concerns.

Enhanced strength, better control, increased function and a good night’s sleep – The specialist at Sandhills Physical Therapy will help your child discover more confidence, pride and independence.

Something you can do to help

Call today to learn more about Physical Therapy for your child’s unique concerns or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialized Physical Therapists.

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