About Us

  • SandhillsPT was founded in 2007 in North Platte, NE by a North Platte native.
  • In 2010 we opened a clinic in Mullen, NE, with a Mullen native.
  • Our mission at SandhillsPT is to be dedicated to help you achieve.

  • What are we dedicated to?
  • Professional Excellence
  • Compassionate Care
  • Patient Empowerment
  • Accessible Education
  • Professional Excellence

    We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for our patients. We would love to know what your experience with SandhillsPT has been. Your comments, both to encourage and challenge us to excellence are welcome!

    Compassionate Care

    It is difficult to be struck down by injury or illness. These issues interfere with the normal activities of life, which can be incredibly discouraging. We are dedicated to providing a positive, encouraging environment for your rehabilitation. We will challenge and encourage you in order to help you achieve the level of activity you desire.

    Accessible Education

    Patient Education
  • We are dedicated to helping our patients not only complete their plan of care, but also to help them understand their injury and the clinical reasoning behind their personalized plan of care.
  • Community Education
  • Provide easy access to physical therapy related information via our website, facebook (like us) and blog.
  • Contact us to book our therapists to come speak about a physical therapy related issue at your club or event. Example topics include:
    • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
      Women’s Health
      Pediatric Toilet Training Issues
      Injury prevention
      Balance and stability
      Health and Wellness
    Therapist Education
  • All physical therapists and physical therapist assistents are required hours of continuing education to maintain certification. But we strive for more.
  • We are a host site for OSMA.
  • We are dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest research in our clinic therapist meetings through journal article reviews and providing opportunity for discussion about specific clinical practices.
  • Patient Empowerment

    We recognize that each patient holds the power to achieve or give up on their health and wellness. We are dedicated to giving you the opportunity, encouragement and resources needed to reach your personal physical goals. Your health goals are in your hands. We’ll help you achieve them.

    Positive Results

    • A varied number of services are offered at Sandhills Physical Therapy so that each treatment can be individually matched for each patient. A unique patient specific treatment approach allows us to help you achieve positive results.
    • Our highly qualified and motivated team is dedicated to help you achieve the best possible results.
    • Whether you are a physical therapy patient, an athlete, or just want to get in the best shape of your life, our physical therapists and fitness experts will help you live life without limitations, so you can achieve.
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    Patient Results

    • "I came to Sandhills for physical therapy after a total knee replacement. Now I can climb stairs and walk easily without pain. Sandhills is tops – I got very good care at Sandhills."
    • "I play college basketball and tore my labrum and hip joint. After surgery I rehabbed at Sandhills PT. They worked extensively with me to strengthen my hip and get my mobility back. They also explained my injury and how the rehab works. I’m excited to go back this season and kick butt on the court."
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    Give us a call today:

    North Platte Clinic:
    616 W Leota
    North Platte, NE 69101
    (308) 534-5590
    Mullen Clinic:
    106 NW 1st St.
    Mullen, NE 69152       
    (308) 546-2306
    Ogallala Clinic:
    700 East 1st, Suite A&B
    Ogallala, NE 69153
    (308) 284-7333